Microfiber And Regular Couch Upholstery Cleaning Tips


The best way to protect your furniture is to invest in regular upholstery cleaning. Dirty furniture does not only look untidy but it will also wear down your furniture much quicker. This is especially true for couches where dirt can become an ideal breeding ground for mildew, mold, and bacteria. That said keeping the upholstery clean in your home and office is relatively easy.

Below are a few guidelines which should help you keep everything clean:

  • To start off with you should treat your couch using a good protective off the shelf fabric guard. Alternatively, a specialty protective finish can also be applied when you purchase the couch, you can also hire a professional to do it for you.
  • Ensure it is UV protected. Many office cleaning services in Sydney advise that home and office owners add some type of UV protection to their furniture. Since UV rays can damage fibers and fade the dyes fast the earlier you get UV protection the better. One example of UV protection would be tinted windows near the couch. UV protection can also be added with a special spray. You should also rotate the furniture so that it fades evenly.
  • Make sure to treat any spot as soon as the accident happens by cleaning the upholstery with a spot remover which is especially designed for its fabric.
  • Moisture from the condensation also needs to be removed immediately.
  • Your couch should be vacuumed weekly by removing all the cushions and vacuuming the frame and then every cushion. However, set the machine to gentle suction.
  • In order to get smoke and pet smells out of the couch you should place dishes which are filled with white vinegar close to them. When left for 24 hours these absorb the odor. If this is not effective just sprinkle some baking soda around the cushions and then vacuum it after around 20 minutes.
  • Make sure to use a good enzyme cleaner to remove pet stains.

Cleaning your microfiber upholstery

Many people resort to high pressure cleaning when they have microfiber upholstery. This is mainly because high pressure cleaning works for their draperies and carpets. Even though microfiber upholstery is relatively forgiving it can be damaged if too much pressure is applied or the wrong method is used.

Reading the fine print

Even though the majority of microfiber upholstery is easy and safe to clean there are specialty versions that you shouldn’t dampen with water or any other liquid. These are often suede like fabrics something that you’ll instantly know if you have on your couch or a chair in your room. In order to make sure that you use the right cleaning method you should check the manufacturer’s website for instructions and materials. Many manufacturers have a whole list of instructions you can follow to clean the fabric.

Generally speaking microfiber upholstery cleaning falls into two categories i.e. with water and without water. Water should be used only if the label on the fabric permits it. If water is permitted simply use a white cloth and some water along with fabric detergent to clean it. However, if the fabric is of the “no-wet” variety then you will need to use a brush in order to buff the surface. Once you liberate the dirt a vacuum can be used to clear it. If this does not yield satisfactory results you can use a dry cleaning solvent. Before you use any type of cleaning solution or solvent always test it on a small area. If you do not notice discoloration then it can be used for the entire fabric.

Professional cleaning services

At times regardless of if you have microfiber upholstery or regular couch upholstery it can be difficult to clean. In commercial establishments cleaning all the upholstery on a regular basis can be a difficult task. The easiest way is to hire a professional and expert upholstery cleaning company. A service that has years of experience cleaning upholstery of all types will know exactly how to make sure that everything remains clean. They will also be able to advice on what measures you should take to protect special and expensive upholstery. However, in a domestic setting a professional company can come in every 2 months to clean everything which extends the life of your furniture.

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