How To Find The Best Contemporary Jewellery In 2013


Jewellery represents some of the most desirable and inspirational accessories that any of us can wear. Although vintage and antique jewellery is currently enjoying a huge surge in popularity, it hasn’t eaten into the contemporary jewellery market at all. More shops than ever before are stocking jewelry as an incremental sales driver, even if they aren’t fashion retailers!

How can you find the best jewellery this year, and what are the most iconic styles?

Fashion Shows and Exhibitions

Fashion shows are always exciting events in their own right, but can take on a unique appearance when they’re focusing on jewellery.

Such shows command the attention of anyone in attendance. This is particularly the case if the jewellery being showcased is small and you have to see it up close to appreciate it.

While these shows prove popular, traditional exhibitions where jewellery is displayed in cabinets and made available for sale are also growing, especially as people seek out alternative pieces so they look different from those who shop on the high street.

Wedding Events

The summer season is the wedding season, and jewellery is a must for any modern bride. Truth be told, grooms are getting in on the action, too, and not just when it comes to their wedding ring!

Even if you’re not getting married in the future, however, wedding shows are a lot more diverse now than they have ever been before. As well as showing off the latest dresses, venues, and themes, they’re a lot more dialed in to the details that matter, and jewellery is definitely one of those.

These are both great ideas for discovering jewellery throughout 2013. What are the top styles you should be looking out for at fashion events, at the shops, and in glossy magazines?

Cultural Jewellery

When we think about the role of jewellery in global culture, our first thought is probably going to be towards glamorous Bollywood movies or Asian weddings, which are always glitzy affairs with bride, groom, and all the guests decked out in jewellery and luxurious attire.

Although such jewellery has strong connections to its origins owing to culture and religion, it is able to pass seamlessly to Western fashion and can regularly be found in shops or being worn by popular celebrities.

Movie Star Jewellery

Speaking of celebrities, movie star inspired jewellery is a huge opportunity for anyone involved with the market in 2013. More than ever before, people desire to look like their favourite film star, musician, and socialite.

Old school, Audrey Hepburn inspired pearl necklaces, or contemporary pieces from the likes of Tiffany & Co, are all excellent options for anyone who wants to build themselves a celebrity look. The only problem with such styles is that so many people are looking to follow them!

How to Negotiate Jewellery

While jewellery is attractive enough to inspire you to make an instant purchase decision, the reality is that the best way to choose jewellery is with your whole appearance in mind. Whatever the style, and wherever you encounter it, ensure that you’re thinking about your ‘total package,’ rather than how good a particular necklace, bracelet, or set of earrings might be.

Aisha Malik is a fashion journalist who follows the latest trend developments from all around the world. As well as taking an interest in jewellery, Aisha continually seeks out brands such as Aab Collection in order to understand the differences culture and religion make to how people dress.

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