Bringing The Indoors Out


The warmth of summer will soon be replaced by the crisp, brisk feeling of fall. The approaching changing of the seasons does not mean your outdoor fun needs to end. In fact it might be just the time to consider bringing the indoors out. In essence by creating a useable space outside for cooking and gathering you may add that much more room to your property. This could be a good selling point for when you sell your property in the future! Creating the perfect outdoor space will take planning to include how to protect your equipment. One item that will be an essential piece of the protection plan is grill covers.

Benefits of Adding an Outdoor Kitchen

Prior to designing your new space, you or your family maybe wondering well how are we going to benefit from it? In addition to giving you more useable space, being outdoors does wonders for your health.  Being in the fresh air may even entice you to start a pickup game that may not otherwise have crossed your mind, adding physical movement to the list of benefits.

Another benefit to consider is the possibility of increasing your property value for the future.


While the benefits listed above may sound appealing to you and your family, you still need to design and build your new space first. When designing an outdoor kitchen it is important to keep a budget in mind as there are a lot of enticing products on the market. Remember you want to enjoy your new space, not regret it!

Prior to drawing up your plans make sure you measure the area where the new kitchen will go. This will help you determine exactly how much space you will have for equipment as well as a work area if you are going to be doing prep work outside.

When working on the plans for equipment and workspace, determine if there are projects you can do yourself. Taking a DIY approach will save you money as you will not have to pay labor costs. However, there are some projects that should be left to the professionals. For instance, if you are going to be running water or gas lines to the new space contact the proper professionals to ensure the job is done safely.

The elements included in the design will vary depending upon the individual vision for the space. There are some basics though that you are likely going to want to include. They include the centerpiece grill as well as small sink and refrigerator.


Once you have created the space of your dreams, you are going to want to protect it. Mother Nature is a fickle creature so it is wise to build in protective elements into your budget. One of which are grill covers for the main attraction. You may also want to consider other types of protective devices depending on design and your local weather.

Creating the perfect outdoor kitchen will take time. Just like projects indoors, you may need to purchase pieces at a time depending upon budget. In the end though all the work and purchasing will be worth it as you enjoy a perfect meal outside.

Davide Bloomer is a freelance writer who loves the outdoors

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