Trying To Keep Up With The Joneses? 5 Improvements To Make To Your Home


Trying to “keep up with the Joneses” can be a bad thing if you feel pressured to spend more money than you can afford; but it can be a good thing if it motivates you to apply more effort in various aspects of your life. One way in which trying to keep up with the Joneses can be beneficial is if it motivates you to invest more money in maintaining and updating your home. Investing money and effort into improving your home can increase property values for your whole neighborhood.

Here are 5 home improvements worth making:

1. New siding or outdoor paint

If the outside of your home has siding, adding new vinyl or fiber/cement siding gives the outside of your home an instant facelift. According to HGTV, new siding is an investment that will definitely pay off if you ever choose to sell your home. Similarly, if you don’t have siding, painting the outside of your home can bring equally good results. Make the outside of your home something that reflects well on your neighborhood.

2. New roofing

A roof that’s in poor repair instantly brings down the value of your property – as well as the value of the surrounding homes. Leaking roofs can bring water damage, which can in turn wreak havoc on the inside of your home. An old, worn-out roof is noticeable and unattractive. Even though a new roof is expensive, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. When it comes time to sell your house, potential buyers will be relieved to know that they won’t be facing the ordeal of having to repair their roof.

3. Plantation shutters

Window treatments are an important but often overlooked investment in your home, and plantation shutters are the top of the line choice. Many people opt for less expensive blinds, shades and curtains, but the trade-off is a significant difference in quality. Taking shortcuts on your window coverings is a bad idea, and it’s a mistake that’s sure to be noticed by your neighbors. Plantation shutters last longer, do a better job of keeping out the weather and they look better. In addition, plantation shutters improve the value of your home.

4. Extra bathrooms

The larger your family, the more bathrooms you want to have. Adding an extra bathroom should be a high priority if your house only has one, or if you have fewer bathrooms than other houses in your neighborhood. Today’s home buyers want multiple bathrooms. Although adding another bathroom is not inexpensive, but it is an investment you will appreciate on a regular basis. When it comes time to sell, you’ll especially appreciate the way the extra bathroom increases the value of your home.

5. Adding a back deck

Curb appeal – the impression your house makes when a visitor first drives up – is a big deal. However, focusing only on the front yard is missing out on the fact that the back yard holds a lot of potential. According to the DIY Network, building a deck adds to your property value in several ways. By providing an extra space for relaxing and including amenities on your deck such as a hot tub and furniture, a deck increases the total square footage of your home and provides a great place to unwind.

Keeping up with the neighbors can be a very positive form of peer pressure, especially when it motivates you to invest more in making your home a source of pride. Your home is your biggest investment; treat it accordingly!

Nicole is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about home decorating and home improvement projects, including everything from home decorating on a budget to the best shutters in Perth, Australia.

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