Making Sure Your Garden Is Safe This Summer


To most people the Garden is a safe place both for themselves their pets and their children, but this may not always be the case so we have put together some information to help make sure your garden is safe over the summer months.


While each pet can have a different reaction to certain plants we have researched and compiled a list below of some of the plants and trees which are potential poisonous or may give your cat, dog or other animal an upset stomach.

  • Aloe
  • Apple
  • Apricot
  • Avocado
  • BlackJack Pine
  • Butercup
  • Chamomile
  • Cherry
  • Daffodil

You can find out full indepth detail and more information about which plants you should avoid by going to the following website

Garden Flooring (Childrens Play Mats)

When it comes to children in the garden it is often the case that home owners look for some form of safety flooring or play mats to help young ones stay safe. This is especially used when it come play areas such as swings, climbing frames or other equipment.

From my own personal experience or the research I have carried out I would strongly recommend one of the following surfaces:

  • Soft sponge tar
  • Sponge Play Mats
  • Bark or soft wood chippings
  • Recycled Rubber

BBQ’s and Fire Safety:

When it comes to cooking or heating in the garden you need to make sure that you cover a few bases. Firstly makes sure you think about wind direction, not just for the smoke but if it’s a very windy day then make sure you are cooking away from everyone and that your equipment can not be blown over.

If you are using a gas bbq or heater then once its been used disconect the gas supply and make sure the gas bottle is stored away from any further heat.

Keep children far away from the cooking and make sure the fire is never left unattended and before you even start the fire make sure that your BBQ is stable. A lot of accidents happen simply because the barbeque falls over, so above all make sure it cannot fall or be knocked down.


You may not be able to afford a swimming pool (If you can then have a read of this article about pool safety but water in the garden can come in a number of forms whether it’s a fountain a pond, water founatin or similar.

If you have a pond then i would advise to think about using a Pond Guard or Safety grid cover, this will prevent any small children from falling in and also protects fish from any predators (mainly cats).

Our Final Tips

The final tips are about tools; make sure that you keep your spades, forks or sheers in a safe place, they can be an accident haven whether they are sharpe or blunt. So making sure they are locked away in a shed or garage will ensure you garden is safe for you, your pets and your children.

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Andrew Taylor is an avid garden enthusiast who works for Alfresia Cushions for garden furniture. He writes for a number of blogs and other gardening publications.

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