Thrifty Ways To Make A Better First Impression For Your Home


Whether you are looking to sell your house or you simply want to give your guests a good welcome, it is important that your home’s exterior look amazing. After all, this is the first feature that buyers and visitors will see when they drop by your house.

However, making your home’s exterior memorable and inviting does not mean you need to purchase new plants or add expensive hardscapes to your space. With a little creativity and a little investment of time, money and effort, here are some frugal ways to improve the view of your house from the street.

Clear out the clutter

An unkempt yard or porch is always an eyesore and it can be a turn-off for potential homebuyers. So to ensure this does not get in the way of a possible sale, start clearing up the clutter on your yard and around your home’s exterior. Take away hoses, kids toys, garden tools and mismatched ornaments and transfer them into your shed or garage. Also, refrain from making your yard or porch as a catchall for unwanted stuff.

Clean up the area


Nothing is more disappointing for a homebuyer and visitor than a house that is both dirty and in disrepair. To avoid giving a bad first impression, fix flaws on your home’s exterior such as sagging gutters, fading paint, cracked windows, missing roof shingles and damaged siding. After you have done all the necessary repairs, take out the hose or rent a power washer and make your driveway, paved paths, windows, and siding spic and span. Just be sure that the surfaces you plan to wash can withstand the pressure coming from the hose or power wash to avoid damaging them.

Upgrade exterior hardware

Your exterior hardware should be stylish, distinct and consistent to the architectural style of your house. So if the existing numbers, mailbox, door knocker and handle, and porch lights of your house are starting to show signs of their age, it is about time you upgrade them. You will find a number of styles and options available in the market and most of them are competitively priced and easy to install. A new set of hardware will freshen up the exterior of your home and will make a subtle yet solid first impression to guests when you invite them to come inside.

Pay attention to your landscape


If the exterior of your house is well maintained yet you still feel that it does not make a good visual impact, try looking at your landscape. Maybe the bushes and shrubs look too busy and you have too many flowers within a space. Or, perhaps there are worn spots on your yard that’s making it look unsightly.

In such case, your best bet is to prune overgrown greens and ensure your yard is mowed regularly. It is also a good idea to trim out dormant ornamental grasses and improve the look of your flower beds. Likewise, repair the worn spots on your yard by applying a roll of sod which you can purchase from your local garden centre.  If you have too much plants on the yard, consider transferring some of them into containers and organize them on your porch or front entry stairs.

Make your front door and windows wow


Your front door and windows are among the focal points of your house’s exterior. So never leave them looking drab. An investment in a can of paint or stain can do wonders to restore the beauty or improve the appearance of your front door. For your windows, on the other hand, you may choose to add decorative moulding or trim to frame them and give them a new look.

Carrie Abraham is a seasoned writer and home improvement warrior. She combines these two passions by providing insightful posts and advice on home repair, maintenance, and décor. She also contributes content for Skip Hire in Stirling expert, Lothian Skip Hire.

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