Some Fun Things To Do With Your Wedding Photos


After your big wedding day, life can often feel a little like an anti-climax. You’ll have had all that excitement and stress leading up to marriage, and then suddenly it will all be over and you’ll find yourself going back to what is pretty much just normal everyday life. The thing is, that married life isn’t in reality all that far removed from life before you were married. Sure you wear a ring on your finger, and maybe your self-view will have altered slightly, but mostly you’ll have the same day-to-day routine and life will carry on as ever.

One great keepsake you have from the wedding right away though, will be all your pictures. You’ll have hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures to go through and there are all kinds of fun things you can do with them to try and keep the day alive a little longer. Here are some uses for your wedding photos.


Once you get to a certain age, you’ll find that Facebook becomes almost entirely filled with pictures of weddings. This is fine, and you will probably have suffered in silence up until now, but now it’s your turn to contribute and to show off your happiness to the world. Facebook is a great place to upload, and friends who attended your wedding will be eager to see themselves in professional photos. Likewise you should also find that there are a few great profile pictures and cover pictures for you to use from the batch which will help show how important the day – and your new spouse – are to you.

There are other places you can use these pictures on your computer too. For instance you can set a picture as your desktop wallpaper, or as your phone wallpaper, and you can put photos from your wedding as your screensaver. That way you’ll constantly be reminded of the amazing occasion.

Create an Album

With so many photos digital these days, some people will never create a physical photo album. For an event this big though that’s a big shame, so make sure that you put some time and thought into creating a real photo album that you can flick through with friends or just when you’ve got a bored moment. If you don’t want to go the traditional route of sticking photos into little plastic folders, then you should be able to order a nice book of your photos (that you design) using a site like Lulu to publish it. That way you can also pass them around to others.

Frame Them

You should also be sure to frame a few photos from your wedding so that they’re there to enjoy even when you’re not specifically looking for them. This will also serve as a good conversation starter, so pick a few of your favourite ones and ask your wedding photographers if they can print them out for you nicely. Then get a frame to do them justice and place them in key positions around the house.

One nice idea? Put a small photo in a drawer you go into regularly – you’ll find you look at it far more often than you would if it was standing on the mantelpiece.

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Today’s guest author, Riley Peters, is a professional photographer based in Toronto, Canada. She is an artistic person and is quick at learning new musical instruments. She is an ace guitar player and plays in a local acoustic band.

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