Are Bugs Creating A Nuisance At Your Home? Have A Look At Acquisitive Solutions


It’s not just the dirt that affects our space but lot of other pesky things like weeds, bugs and rodents also kills the serenity of the home. Pests have been part of the human process since the start of the human history. They are varied animals and plants that obstruct the human process. Some of the pests may bug while you walk along the streets while others may just stay hidden in your living space, creating a nuisance at your home. A lot of chemicals have been designed to fight with these pests but few are effective and those that are very effective do not fit in well in everybody’s pocket. In fact it is seen that half of the times, these pest control chemicals do not even work properly and are least effective after a certain time gap. Apart from the issue of effectiveness, some of the pest control solutions are made using hazardous chemicals and these chemicals are not only dangerous to the humans especially the young children at home, but are also a threat to the environment. Look at some of the simple acquisitive solutions that can help you get rid of the pests.

Cucumbers are not just for glowing skin

Cucumbers are considered the best for eliminating dark circles, curing puffiness, and yes not to forget, putting the slices of it in the salad.  However there is another side to this “good for skin” element. These are considered as one of the best natural ant repellents. Just like the picky toddlers, even ants dislike cucumbers and do everything possible so as to avoid interaction with it. So if you see the little buggers sliding down your window panes, just place a few cucumbers alongside the edges and the ants will push their steps back.

Fly away the flea

One of the best ways to keep the fleas off your pet is to use ground rosemary leaves. These leaves once sprinkled over the beds or even on the pets can help keep off the fleas. With this little steps avoid the nuisance that the fleas create.

Mash potatoes and kill unwanted buggers 

Mash potatoes taste good but are they tastier even for the unwanted pests? Well, if you place a bowl of desiccated mashed potato flakes and some water, all the tiny critters that come near it and try to eat will experience an unexpected shock. When the water comes in contact with the potato flakes, they puff up like sponges and eventually bloat out, killing the little buggers.

Protect your garden with vinegar

Vinegar is a favourite of gardeners and lawn lovers as it helps kill the unwanted pests like weed. Weed are of different forms but vinegar identifies all as one and equally effective on each of them. So, next time you go to any grocery store, buy a solution that has the highest concentration of vinegar in it.

Keep away the snail and snugs

Snails and slugs are beer lovers and get attracted to this intoxicating drink the fastest. So, all that you are required to do to keep them away and keep your garden safe from them is to pour about one inch of beer into some empty can. Attracted by the smell, these unwanted creepy crawlies try to carve their way to the beer and as soon as they reach out to it, they tumble in it and drown. After this only that you need to do is clear the mess.

Chase Cullen is the author of this informative post. He is an excellent writer, a loving husband and a caring father who enjoys blogging in his spare time. He just got a bed bug heat remediation treatmentdone in his house and is satisfied with its end result.

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