Essentials For The Modern Small Bathroom


These days the bathroom has taken much more significance when it comes to planning a home’s look.

Before, they were often overlooked as a lot of our UK bathrooms are a little on the small side in truth, so many people didn’t really think about them as anything more than a quick stopping point during the day.

Nowadays though people have realised that the bathroom is a great room in the house, whether it be for seeking a moment of solitude in an otherwise hectic day or just as another room to add the homeowner’s own unique styles to.

Combined Vanity Furniture

You want to have everything in your bathroom, cupboards, toilet, sink – the lot, but alas space is not really a luxury you can afford in a small bathroom.

Combined vanity furniture is the way to go when it comes to saving room. As the name implies, it is the combination of your usual toilet essentials into one space saving whole – perfect when you’re operating in a small space.

Bi Fold Shower Enclosure

The only thing you then need in order to make sure your small bathroom has all the usual essentials is a place to wash.

Bi fold shower enclosures are great as a space saving option as the way the door folds in the middle and swings inwards and across the shower, means the door doesn’t have to swing outwards and hence use some of the space that you could otherwise utilise in other ways.

Bathroom Furniture

The use of a vanity unit may then enable you enough room for a further piece of bathroom furniture if you are lucky – this can be used to store your remaining every day essentials.

Perhaps to better utilise the space instead of going for a separate mirror and cabinet, you can combine the two with a mirror cabinet.

Towel Radiators

In smaller bathrooms a nice sized radiator was often impossible to go for due to the size it would take.

However towel radiators are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they provide the heat the room requires, it warms up your towels nicely, and most importantly doesn’t take up a lot of room.

Towel radiators come in electric as well as more traditional options, meaning they can operate independently from your overall central heating unit and they come in a range of designs too.

A few Accessories to finish

Depending on the remaining space available, you can then opt to pick up a few extras such as toilet roll holders, a bin for every day waste, dispensers to add a little extra style to the room and maybe even a bathroom mat.

You might only have a small bathroom then, but thanks to space saving towel radiators, showers and vanity units, you can still give your bathroom a great modern look.

Louisa Jenkins is an interior design expert. She offers advice on a number of topics including ways for people with small bathrooms to still give them a modern look – she believes that towel radiators and other bathroom essentials can still be used in a bathroom, whatever the size,  to make them one of most eye-catching rooms in the entire house.

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