5 Valuable U.S. Coins In Circulation Today


Coin StashFinding rare coins in your pocket change can be fun and profitable. Once you start to develop coin-checking habits, identifying valuable coins in U.S. circulation will become easy. That is, if you are ever lucky enough to come across on of these extremely rare coins. Here are five coins to keep a keen eye out for:

1969 Double Die

Before you get your hopes up, this coin is exceedingly rare. The earliest copies were confiscated by the Secret Service until the U.S. Mint admitted that it was a genuine coin. In order to detect a 1969-S double die Lincoln cent, you have to examine the “heads” side. Take a close look at the phrases “In God We Trust” and “Liberty.” The strike doubling damage is what coin experts commonly refer to as a “double die.” However, if the mint mark is doubled, it’s probably fake as mint marks were punched in the dies separately in 1969. If you’re lucky enough to find this coin, you hit the lottery as this one-cent piece’s value exceeds $10,000.

1943 Copper Penny

During the 1940s, the United States was in the midst of World War II. Therefore, all pennies made during 1943 were supposed to be minted as the steel pennies in order to save copper for the war efforts. According to coin experts, copper plates may have been tested or left mixed among steel plates from 1942 and thus the error. Whatever the cause, these rare beauties sell for about $100,000. Fair warning: there are many fake 1943 copper pennies out there. Be careful, and make sure your coin is certified!

1982 Roosevelt Dime

While most dimes made at this time have the “P” mind mark, this rare 1982 Roosevelt dime has no mint mark. During this time, when coins were made the dies were sent to the individual brand mints which would be punched with the proper mint mark letter for that branch. This rare coinage came about because one or more non-punched dies were used to make coins. It’s very easy to detect. Just look for a 1982 dime with no mint mark on it. If you find one, it’s may be worth $30 or $50, depending on condition.

2004 Wisconsin Quarter

This rare coin could be in your pocket right now and you don’t even know it! This 2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter has an extra leaf one it. Look on the lower left-hand side of the ear of corn on the “tails” side. This leaf is very obvious. It’s also known in two different varieties, the high leaf and low leaf type. Hurry home and check your loose change, this little beauty can be worth between $200-$300.

Presidential Dollars

Ever since the Presidential Dollar was created back in 2007, there have been errors associated with the lettering on the edge of these particular coins. In some cases, the lettering was missing entirely. In other instances, the edge lettering had been placed there multiple times (double die). You can detect this error by looking at the edge of the dollar. The inscription should appear fully stamped around the circumference of the coin. But, missing or doubled inscriptions are rare and very valuable. If you find one, it can be worth $50 to $3,000, depending on the President.

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Katelyn Porter is a freelance writer and avid coin collector. Among her favorite coins to collect are 90% silver coins, which she’s been collecting for more than 10 years! In her spare time, Katelyn studies rare U.S. coins.

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