10 Fun (and Cheap) Gifts For Your Boss


Default iPhone charger vs. humongous brazilian chargerIs there a special occasion coming up and you need to give your boss a gift? Before you go crazy or spend a lot of money, consider buying your boss something a little more thoughtful. Something that is meaningful, but doesn’t come off as a bribe. Here are ten fun and rather inexpensive gifts for the head of your office:

Personalized Flask

While the thought of drinking at the office is rather unacceptable, your boss is human too! And on the weekends, I’m sure he or she likes to let loose. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with a personalized flask.

Stress Ball

Being in charge comes with a certain level of added pressure. And no one enjoys being stressed out. Keep your boss calm by giving him or her a stress ball. Attach a crafty “woosah” note for an additional laugh!

Mini Speakers

Music soothes the soul, right? Well, a little speaker set will allow your boss to enjoy his or her favorite tunes all day long. Throw in an iTunes gift card and you’re sure to get two thumbs up from your supervisor.


Nothing brightens a day (or mood) like chocolate. Mix and match milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate for the perfect pick-me-up. Packed with plenty of antioxidants, this sweet surprise is sure to put a smile on your boss’s face!

Portable iPhone Charger

For the boss who’s always on the go, this nifty little gadget will be a real lifesaver! A portable iPhone charger can hold him or her over until they can reach a real outlet (up to three hours to be exact!). Talk about a real power trip.

DIY Gift Basket

Nothing says appreciation like a gift basket! With one white and one red wine, your boss will be well on his or her way to a great evening. Include some maple or hickory smoked cheese, crackers or dessert cookies for a delicious snack.

Home Baked Goods

Another way to say ‘thank you’ without going over-the-top is to bake your boss’s favorite home goods. Gourmet chocolate chip cookies or double fudge brownies are definitely the way to go. Attach a thank you note for a special touch.

Beverage Warmer

Is your boss a caffeine junkie? A beverage warmer is the perfect gift for those who rarely have an opportunity to finish their afternoon cup of Joe. Now, your boss can have a warm beverage any time of the day.

Luggage Tags

For the boss that is constantly on the road, luggage tags are a thoughtful gift. Engrave their initials for a more personal touch. This way his or her luggage will always be identifiable, saving both time and money.

Business Card Holder

A business card holder is a fantastic thing to have. You can customize it with a monogram or your boss’s initials. This gift will make a professional statement for both you and your boss.

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Amy Richards is a freelance writer and gift giver extraordinaire. As the managing director of her department, her most recent gift giving experience was corporate gift baskets for all of her subordinates. She loves seeing the smiles on their faces.

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