6 Tips for Effective Product Displays


With so many options for purchasing items, having the appropriate product display that shows off your inventory is imperative. Knowing the right angles to capture your products for selling online and being able to communicate to potential customers with these displays is crucial to your sales. While many people think it’s an art to set up the perfect product display, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Here are some tips for having an effective product display, online or in your store.

Highlight products to their appropriate target markets

When creating a product display, a great approach is to highlight product features with the highest appeal to your target markets. Drawing attention to a products’ features that make it better than others or emphasizing it’s competitive advantage will help keep people focused on the positives surrounding the products.

Position displays at eye level

Have you ever walked through a store and became sidetracked by a display? Chances are, that display was positioned at eye level, making it a focal point and attracting people to it. For displays that are higher than eye level, shoppers are more likely to walk past the display without even taking notice of it.

Change displays regularly

If you have a holiday display up in the middle of May, people are going to know something’s not right. Be sure to always change your displays regularly and only use holiday themes to enhance your displays appeal. Be creative with the way you change things up and make sure not to repeat the same types of ideas over and over again. Keep in mind that holiday-themed displays are a great way to refresh the visual appeal of products while at the same time encouraging a holiday spirit in customers.

Use the right lighting

Lighting can make all the difference, especially when it comes to product displays. By using effective lighting, you will be sure to enhance the attraction to and appeal of your product display. The trick is to position your lighting to focus the shoppers’ attention on the products as a whole as well as whatever the most appealing features of the product are. Just make sure you watch to make sure that the lights aren’t casting shadows on or near your display and that your lighting is balanced throughout your display.

Be artistic and creative

The artistic and creative aspect of product displays can be as simple or as complex and you’d like it to be. One tip you should be mindful of is to always use artistic principles when creating displays. Think of things such as balance, focal points, simplicity and color psychology as well as viewing patterns. It might even be worth while to hire a local student artist to help you in creating, arranging and lighting your display so that your material is showcased in the best way possible.

Sketch or draw your designs before attempting

Before doing anything, you should always draw out what you’d like to do. Sketching your designs prior to actually assembling the product displays allows for your to really look at what you’ve been envisioning and figure out the measurements and what’s necessary to create it.

Having the right display to highlight your products is extremely important for sales. Rather than blindly thinking of a display that you think might look nice, do the research before starting on your product display. By following the tips above, you can ensure that your product display will look great and be a success!


Jamie Aldson is a freelance writer and business professional. She loves creating beautiful product displays while using Structural aluminum extrusions to ensure products are safe and secure. She hopes these tips can help with any business who needs guidance with their product displays.

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