Kitchen Design Ideas For Busy Couples


Busy couples still like to cook and use their kitchens. The best couples enjoy homes with great kitchen design. To reduce the cooking time and functionality of the kitchen, there are some changes couples can make to improve their family lives. Consider the following kitchen design ideas for couples:

1. Couples Need Multi-Functional Workspaces

Couples need multi-functional workspaces to help with their busy lives. The kitchen is not only a workspace for preparing food, it is also a workspace for family meetings, homework and conversations with business partners or friends. Kitchens are meeting spots for many families. Because many people meet in these locations, the surfaces must be durable. Wood surfaces, granite surfaces or marble surfaces are recommended for the best results. Kitchen islands with high bar stools are recommended. Generous counter space and multiple sinks are preferable for cooking preparation.

2. Smart Storage

A cluttered kitchen is not an ideal environment to prepare dishes. Customized cabinets are recommended for storage. The cabinets should be designed so the pots and pans can be situated next to the range. This will reduce walking time in the kitchen and make cooking more efficient. Stepped shelves in the pantry can make finding food in the kitchen easy. Recycling and trash stations inside the cabinets can make it easier to participate in saving the environment. Create vertical cabinets to store baking sheets and cooling racks. This type of cabinet should be placed near the ovens to make your cooking time more productive.

3. Customizable Appliances

Customizable appliances are available and are a must for every busy couple’s kitchen. Customizable refrigerators, freezers, ranges, ovens, dishwashers and cook-tops are designed to increase the functionality of the kitchen. The look and appeal of the kitchen is also improved and can have a profound effect on the mood of your family.

4. Artistic Appeal

Busy couples need visual appeal as a way to relax after their busy days at work. Luckily, beauty and functionality are the focal point of this year’s design. Most refrigerator designs include stainless steel for a modern look or bright colors like blue water, terracotta and slate green. Decorative range hoods are also popular.

5. Eco-Friendly Ease

Eco-friendly is the focus of this current generation. Not only do new kitchen cabinets have pull-outs for recycling and compost, flooring and countertops can also be made from eco-friendly materials. The appliances should also be eco-friendly to save on energy.

Eco-friendly appliances use 50 percent less water and energy. This not only saves the planet but also saves money. Faucet filters are easy to install and reduce bottled water waster. When skylights are added, people can reduce energy needs and add natural light to the room.

Kitchen design ideas can help to make your lives more efficient and to teach your family good eco-friendly values. Every couple can enjoy these design ideas and improve their lives. Consider how changing your kitchen can change your mood and upgrade your family’s lives.

Written by Lachlan G.

Lachlan runs a construction business for his dad. Being a newcomer in the industry Lachlan has quickly acquired some great product knowledge, ranging from choosing the right stainless steel suppliers, stainless steel fabrication, to the latest green technology for building eco homes. Lachlan loves DIY and spends most of his weekend in his workshop.

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