How Much Can Your Old Movie Posters Worth?


Many collectors of movie posters are wondering what the posters are worth. Movie posters can provide some extra money for those who want to liquidate. Vintage photographs can actually be worth a lot if they are kept in good condition. Obtaining pricing for posters can be difficult, but there are a few criteria that every vintage photo must meet. Here are a few tips:

1. Keep the Poster in Good Condition

For the highest value, the poster should be in incredible condition. There should be no scratches, wrinkles, fading and scrapes. Every old movie poster should be placed in a poster frame. The poster frames should not allow UV-rays to permeate the glass. The frame should also not break if the picture falls on the ground.

2. Know the Demand

The value of your poster will depend on the demand. If the poster is in high demand, good condition and is one of a few on the market, the poster’s value will rise. If no demand exists, the poster’s value will be low. The value will also be low if there is demand and plenty of supply. You must have a poster that other people do not have and everyone wants. All of your posters should be kept in good condition. You never know when the demand will increase.

3. Volume

Unfortunately for collectors, the value of vintage movie posters rises and falls like the ebb and flow of the ocean. If there are only five to 10 copies of a movie poster, the demand for the poster will be greater than if there were 10,000 copies of a poster. When you purchase a poster, know the volume of the poster to determine the approximate value. For instance, a low volume poster may be worth $500, and a high volume poster may be worth $100. The value is highly dependent upon the total volume in circulation.

4. Era

Typically, the value of an older poster will be worth more than a newer poster. Many posters can be worth more if the posters are kept in dimly lit rooms. Some well-preserved older posters are worth more than some antiques. Posters that come from the first runs are likely to be worth more than a poster that was created at a later time period. Cult movie posters are often worth more also.

Find Out How Much Your Old Posters are Worth

Find out how much your old movie posters are worth. When you are ready to sell, you will know what the posters are worth. Talking to vintage sellers will help you determine how much your old posters are worth. It is best to be prepared before you are ready to sell. This will help you get the best price for your movie posters. If you follow these tips, you will be better prepared to sell for a more substantial sum.

Written by Kerstin K.

Kerstin has a strong passion in graphic design. She works in a printing service company in Sydney. Kerstin knows back to front of her clients’ needs, she is an expert in producing large format printing and designing personalised gift for any occasions.

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