Do You Recognise The 3 Early Warning Signs of Ageing Skin?


The word that all women fear…ageing.  We hate it.

When we notice our first signs of ageing, be it the first wrinkle or the first strand of grey hair, it can be a knock to our confidence. It is a sudden feeling of distance from the attractiveness of youth.

So let’s have a look at those first and most common signs of ageing skin and find a way to fight them!

Crow’s Feet

A common early indicator of aging skin is ‘crow’s feet’. Those annoying little wrinkly imprints that appear along the outside corners of your eyes telling you that you’re getting older.

Crow’s Feet are a signal that your skin is now loosing elasticity. Skin contains elastic fibres that enable skin to snap back into place, and a protective protein called collagen.

Considered one of the nicer signs of ageing, crow’s feet are often called a person’s smile marks and signal a happy life. However crow’s feet can be caused by many factors other than laughter; smoking, sun exposure, not drinking enough water and sleep, to name a few.

To slow down oncoming crow’s feet you can make some simple changes to your diet to help improve your skins elasticity. Swap stodgy foods for a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and protein. Include fruits high in antioxidants like strawberries and cranberries.


Dry, dull looking skin

With time your skin loses its ability to exfoliate effectively. If exfoliating is not a part of your skin care routine it can leave your skin feeling dry, irritated and dull.

Even if you moisturise and use the best face creams, they won’t do their job properly if you have a build up of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin.

Your daily skin routine should start with cleansing. It’s essential to make sure that you removed all your make-up before going to bed the night before. By cleansing your face in the morning, you are getting rid of any leftover traces of dirt. Make sure that you exfoliate regularly and use a rich, hydrating moisturiser in order to keep your skin moist and healthy looking. To push back ageing a few more years and reduce wrinkles, look for creams containing either glycolic acid or tretinoin (Retin-A). These will promote the formation of smoother skin.

Also never underestimate the power that just 30 minutes of daily exercise can have on your skin. It can help induce deeper sleeping patterns which makes you skin looks fresher.

Age spots

Age spots are brown blemishes that appear on your face because of exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. They were once incorrectly believed to be caused by liver problems, and so are also widely known as liver spots.

From age of 40 your skin looses the ability to regenerate from sun exposure, hence age spots are very common for middle-aged people.

The best thing you can do to prevent ageing spots is to protect yourself from the sun. Make sure you use a good quality sun screen when out and about in strong sun. And even on less sunny days you can wear UV protection moisturiser or foundation.

There is a wide spectrum of creams that can help you to fade the age spots. You can also try glycolic acid treatment or if you need something more powerful and effective, or you could arrange an appointment with your dermatologist to ask about a glycolic acid peel.

So start today! Be nice to your body, take care of your skin, keep it hydrated and start treating your body like a temple and you will quickly see great results and will feel better and healthier every day!

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Eliza writes for Lenstore, an online contact lens retailer that sells top brands such as Acuvue moist.

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