Decorative Fypon Elements For The Whole Home


Homeowners are often looking for new and affordable ways to update the look of the interior or exterior of their homes. As they investigate the different options, they may find that certain construction materials offer more convenience than others and Fypon urethane falls into that category. Environmentally conscious homeowners will appreciate an option that doesn’t deplete the amount of trees and forestation across the country. With many weather resistant qualities, Fypon products are ideal for exterior home improvement projects, and homeowners who are looking for a way to update the look of their entire home will appreciate the versatility of Fypon decorative elements.

Just what is Fypon urethane?

Fypon is actually the name brand for products made from urethane foam and forced into the decorative shapes and designs that are so popular in new homes and in remodeled older homes. These products provide homeowners an alternative to wood. Without needing to provide the continuous maintenance that wood products require and without feeling guilty about reducing the forests for their decorating purposes, homeowners may use Fypon elements on the exterior and interior of their homes. Some examples of decorative elements include:

                Exterior Elements

  • Louvers
  • Trim
  • Keystones
  • Door and window surrounds
  • Pediments
  • Crossheads
  • Pilasters
  • Balustrades

Interior Elements


  • Faux beams
  • Decorative trim moldings
  • Window trim and brackets
  • Ceiling trim and brackets
  • Interior balustrades
  • Ceiling medallions
  • Column wraps

While many people will think of these elements in the traditional white, there are also many other colors available for either exterior or interior applications.

Benefits of Fypon for Exterior Decorating

There are many decorative reasons to consider adding Fypon decorative elements to the front of the home or for any of the doorways and windows around the sides and back of the home. The framing around doors and windows creates a multi-dimensional look and enhances the existing beauty of the home. Adding extra details such as sunbursts, molding, rams head pediments and more will provide a fresh, new look to the exterior of the home and will also create an appearance that stands apart from the other homes in the area. Homeowners will also appreciate the use of these decorative elements as they work to seal up any areas around doors and windows that may have been a source of drafts or air loss for the home. With Fypon elements, homeowners can create a variety of different decorative styles and may be able to reduce the amount that they pay for their heating and cooling costs. Plus the weather resistant qualities make this decorative material a worthwhile investment.

Fypon Benefits for the Interior of the Home

Many of the benefits relating to the use of Fypon will be the same both inside and outside of the home. The added detail can frame an attractive display or may be used as a display in and of themselves. Molding full of grape bunches, twining leaves or other decorative patterns can increase the formal tone of a room or could be used to create a traditional and homey feel throughout the home. Cleaning and other necessary maintenance inside the home may be simplified when Fypon elements are used.

Whenever a remodel is in order or if the time has come for a complete change with a new home, Fypon decorative elements are an affordable and convenient alternative to wood décor. Both resistant to the elements and adaptable for many indoor and outdoor decorating, Fypon elements are growing in popularity in the building and reconstruction field.L

Lawrence Reaves writes for Accent Building Products, a home improvement company offering kitchen cabinetry, fireplace mantels and a wide variety of Fypon accents for your home.  Check out Accent Building Products and the productst they offer here.

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