Fun Resources to Make Posters Online


A poster is a very versatile medium – a poster can fit perfectly in a teenage girl’s room, a CEO’s office, or any public location. They’re excellent for marketing or for just expressing yourself. If you want to create a custom posters, here are five fun online resources that will help you do it.

Zazzle is a print-on-demand company that allows you to create many different types of materials, including posters. It’s easy to make your own poster with Zazzle, and you have lots of options to customize it. You can choose from five different types of paper finishes. You can create custom framing or choose from a selection of custom frames. Your posters can be up to 40in by 60in, and you can get them in less than 24 hours. If you want, you can even decide to put your posters on sale in the Zazzle marketplace where you can set your own price and set up your own Zazzle shop.

Vistaprint can help you design your poster with an easy-to-use interface. There are tons of customization options, including size, font, color, paper, and much more. There are hundreds of templates you can select from to use as a starting point for your poster. If you prefer, you can also just upload the poster you’ve already designed, or you can start with a completely blank poster. Vistaprint makes it easy for you to add your own photos to your posters, and they are very reasonably-priced.

CafePress is another print-on-demand company with tons of different types of products you can customize. You can create posters, banners, yard signs, and more. CafePress is fun to use because you are literally given a blank canvas, and you have a tool bar of options like text boxes, graphic boxes, colors, fonts, and more. If you’re not great at designing things it could be a little challenging, but it’s an excellent choice for people who want to start their poster from scratch. Like Zazzle, if you want to you can sell your posters through your own CafePress online store for the price you choose.

Fatheads are wall graphics that began as life-size posters of athletes and sports-related graphics. They’re made of die cut vinyl or canvas, and they’re a unique, memorable way to create a poster. You can design your own custom Fathead in an easy six-step process. Upload the photos or images you want to use, choose a layout, add effects or text if desired, and order. There are 13 sizes to choose from. While Fatheads are a lot more expensive than other types of traditional posters, they make a big statement.

PosterBurner is a poster-making company that can help you create the exact poster you want. There are countless options for size, paper type, backing material, layouts, text, and more. Just start with an uploaded image of your choosing and work around it to design your poster. PosterBurner has a quick turnaround time, and its blog also provides insights on how to make great posters.

This article was prepared by M.P Brown. M.P writes about enhanced site solutions by Icon.

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