It’s getting cold again


I can’t believe it’s going to be so cold tomorrow. I thought it was Spring – not winter. We might even get some snow! Isn’t that terrible. We’re near the end of April – after a beautiful warm winter and decent spring and we might get snow after two seasons that barely had any snow? Odd! LOL

No no … it’s time for us to be outside wearing light jackets or not coats at all .. perhaps even shorts and tank tops! Sandals!

One great thing about my neighborhood is that once the weather is nice and even when it isn’t – people are outside visiting each other, working on their houses and their yards, walking or biking everywhere. Parents are walking their kids to the school just down the street, pregnant women are walking around in hip maternity clothes and almost everyone is friendly. Perhaps not friendly enough to stop and talk but at least to wave hello or to smile or nod your head at – make eye contact and so on.

I’ve been in this neighborhood now for 11 years and I know pretty much everyone nearby. I know people in part because it’s a friendly neighborhood and in part because until I became ill and had to take some time off work I was a nurse in the Emergency ward at the hospital down the street from my house and eventually a lot of neighbors end up coming through the emerg either as patients themselves or with friends and relatives so it’s not hard to get to know them a little bit that way.

The only time I’ve ever found this neighborhood quite or “dead” was this past Christmas. I was alone myself and there just seemed to be no one around. Everyone was away.

Hopefully the weather warms up soon and it doesn’t snow tomorrow. I’d really hate to have to pull out the shovel again! Just when my garden is really starting to do fanatically!

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